Our project “Lights on Rights! A Reflection Focus on the Promotion of Active Citizenship of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities” is part of the European Union strategy on Disabilities. Moreover, 2015 will be a year in which we will be informed of the recommendations of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Europe. With this project we intend to “illuminate” the rights, emphasize them, publicize them and divulge them.

The state of affairs for ID people is that their full social inclusion and active citizenship are not yet a reality, but future challenges. The policies to remove physical barriers have not been extended to the overcoming of mental barriers.

All innovative models of care suggest that ID persons, currently mere recipients of support, have to become contributors for the common good.

Our project provides an answer to the need for further progress in the full conquest of rights, such that our ID learners will have an active role in this process which involves thousands of European citizens. They will not only be recipients but also contributors, offering their experiences, reflections, creations… their voices. As opposed to being isolated in their group or environment, they will participate in open forums, directly sharing their experiences and opinions, and engaging in personal dialogues with disability people from all over Europe.

The Erasmus Plus project offers the opportunity to shape this movement. To reflection, and voice, one can add the value of exchange. For people with disabilities, this transnational educational exchange means not just an opportunity to develop experiences but also ensures the proper exercise of their rights, mobility, freedom, transportation, and equality, in other words Full Citizenship.